Are Specialized Business Publications Right For Your Business?

January 21st, 2014 Written by

specialized-business-publications_smallMarketing in a business-to-business arena is full of endless media options. So, how do Challenger Brands get the most return from their media strategy?

By targeting specific messages to specialized niches, Challenger Brands can make their limited resources more effective. Specialized business publications reach more targeted decision-makers than any other medium. This is where industry leaders spend their time and devote their interest. It’s their first read of the day.

A recent study confirms that specialized business publications reach an overwhelming majority of business decision-makers versus general business publications. The study also found that over 60% of these decision-makers subscribe only to specialized business publications and do not subscribe to any general interest publications at all. In addition, 54% of these individuals are spending more time reading these publications than they did five years ago. And most importantly, the study found that these decision-makers rate specialized publications as the most credible method for finding information about potential partners, vendors and suppliers.

So, when you are deciding how to get the most favorable return from your media spend with limited waste, Challenger Brands should look to specialized business publications first and tailor your creative message specifically to the audience of that publication. When executed properly, this media strategy works.

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