“Dear Gumas” – We’ve Already Done The Research…

September 15th, 2015 Written by

our Three Target AudiencesAs our regular readers know, we receive lots of random calls and emails from well-meaning marketers looking for some quick advice and “simple” answers to various marketing questions. A couple times each year, we share some representative inquiries in a segment we like to call, “Dear Gumas.” All questions are real and the names of the inquisitors have been changed to deflect embarrassment.

“Dear Gumas,
We’ve heard you talk about the need for research in your Challenger Brand approach. We have spent thousands of dollars over the years in research and believe we know everything there is to know about our company and industry. Can’t you just use our research to put together a messaging platform?”
– Researched Out in Redwood City

Dear Researched,
We’re confident your investment in research has served you well. Well-conceived research can be invaluable in product development, pricing, distribution, packaging, and many other critical areas of your business. However, it is unlikely that your research included emotional investigation of your prospects. In order to develop compelling brand messaging, a Challenger Brand must first clearly understand what it is your prospects need to hear from you that will drive them to action. This understanding comes from thoughtful questioning of your current, former and prospective customers all aimed at unearthing the true needs of the customer. If this data exists as a result of your previous research, then you’re set. If not, it is critical to your marketing success that you learn the truth.

If you have a “Dear Gumas” question, please do not hesitate to email it to: editor@gumas.com. We’ll answer it immediately and possibly even publish it in a future Challenger Brand Marketing.

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