How Challenger Brands Should Use Google+

January 7th, 2014 Written by

According to HubSpot, nearly 50% of companies rate Google+ as important to their business. Just last year, 15% of marketers acquired a customer from this social channel.

With 500 million users, Google+ is the most active of all social media networks besides Facebook. But, whereas only 12% of Facebook users will see your posts on average, 100% of Google+ users will. Furthermore, with its impact on Google search, Google+ is becoming a valuable marketing resource that Challenger Brands can no longer ignore.

In case you’re not yet completely familiar with how Google+ works and how that directly affects your business, here are some highlights of the Google+ experience:

  • +1 Button: The equivalent of the Facebook “Like” button. Allows customers/fans to recommend your business, site, page or content to friends and contacts, and helps improve search results. Consider it a “word of mouth” marketing tactic.
  • Circles: This tool allows you to target specific demographics by arranging them into different groups. Create circles like vertical markets, trade show contacts, B2B, B2C, etc. You can broadcast to the world, or keep your conversations private.
  • Communities: This feature allows you to join public communities around shared interests, or create private communities to connect with the right audience. For marketers, Google+ is a great place to share tips and how-to’s, plan events and get users involved.
  • Hangouts: Through online video chat, this platform gives you the opportunity to interact directly with customers by making brand announcements, product releases, customer Q&A sessions, product tutorials or a live help desk.
  • Photos: Google+ is designed to share photos – photos are automatically enhanced to look better than ever – so use that to your advantage. Share product images, inspirations, and what’s happening with your business on a regular basis.

Creating a Google+ page for your business is easy and straightforward. Just sign up, fill out the necessary information, brand your profile and you’re minutes away from a powerful search engine optimization tool and a bigger, better sphere of brand awareness.

For more facts and figures, view the full infographic by clicking on the image below.


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