3 Inspiring TED Talks About Advertising

October 29th, 2013 Written by

Have you been feeling a little lackluster lately? Do your projects feel a bit uninspired? Are you tired of thinking about marketing and advertising all the time? Of course not! Advertising is the best, most interesting thing ever invented.

But if you do need a pick-me-up in a rare moment of fatigue, we suggest you turn to TED. A non-profit, TED started as a conference in 1984 aimed at bringing people together to discuss innovative ideas in technology, entertainment, and design. It has since spawned a website where many of the short lectures — TED Talks — are accessible to all in video form. Topics range from urban planning to privacy in the digital age to the psychology of jealousy. There are even some videos about advertising — perfect for when you crave some stimulating insights on the industry.

Next time you hear another proletarian complaining about banner ads, watch one (or all three) of these uplifting TED Talks.

  1. Rory Sutherland talks about how advertising adds value to a product by changing our perception.
  2. Paul Kemp-Robertson explains how currency is founded on marketing.
  3. Seth Godin discusses how ideas spread.

To view even more intriguing, humorous, and informative TED Talks, visit www.ted.com.

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