Why You Should Invest in Mobile Advertising and How to Do it Right

June 25th, 2013 Written by

Mobile Advertising for Challenger Brands Nowadays, we can do just about everything on our smart phones. Get restaurant recommendations, do our banking, view the weather forecast, and even find a date all from the palm of our hand. Not to mention the old school functions like calling and texting. Americans spend an average of 2.7 hours a day playing with their cells, and advertisers have taken note.

According to research company eMarketer, U.S. mobile ad spending will rise 62% this year, reaching $6.4 billion. Smart phone owners have already seen this rise begin to occur. Beyond the flashy banner ads that pop up in many free apps, popular social media brands have began integrating advertisements into their mobile platforms. Facebook now has sponsored posts in mobile newsfeeds, Twitter has promoted tweets, and Tumblr recently announced that they, too, will introduce native advertisements (although they promise users will see no more than four sponsored posts a day).

The mobile sphere is an exciting place for Challenger Brands to invest ad dollars. It gives them direct access to an incredibly large and active audience, they can target very specific demographics, and mobile ad space is exceptionally affordable. But ad designers must take caution. Tiny screens do not allow much room for written content, and complex graphics can look chaotic on such a small scale. In order to create effective advertisements, we recommend Challenger Brands follow these guidelines:

  • Ad copy should only take up half of the frame at most and should consist of one to two phrases (usually the offer and the tagline).
  • Always include the brand logo. The best place for it is in the corner of the ad frame.
  • The ad should feature at least one bright color, but no more than two.
  • There should always be a strong Call to Action, preferably in a bright color. “Join today! Or Sign up now!” are both good examples.
  • When using an image, close-ups are excellent because they are easier to see and usually more visually striking.

Mobile advertising is growing at a staggering rate. And when creating a mobile ad, simplicity is key. What is your biggest challenge when it comes to mobile advertising?

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