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November 15th, 2012 Written by

One of the main goals of any advertising plan, especially when it comes to Challenger Brands marketing, should be to maximize your potential return on investment. Here is a tip to consider.

Let’s say your budget allows you to purchase a full-page, full-color ad in six different publications. Instead of choosing six publications, consider only advertising in the top three publications. With the balance of the money, try including both conventional direct mail and electronic mail targeting the exact same audience.

By hitting a smaller, targeted group using multiple advertising vehicles simultaneously, in this case print, direct mail and email campaigns, you will make a bigger impact with the same ad dollars.

Also don’t forget to seek merchandising credits from your chosen publications for use in purchasing names from their database for your follow-up direct mail and e-vertising efforts. The names from these databases are almost always fresher than your internal or other purchased databases due to the requirements for frequent audits. They also guarantee that your direct mail and email campaigns will reach the same target as your print ads.

As long as you execute this strategy by utilizing the proper reach and frequency models, you should see a bigger return on your advertising investment.

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