How to Write the Perfect Elevator Pitch

March 5th, 2013 Written by

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone in your organization had exactly the same answer to the question, “What do you guys do?”

An Elevator Pitch is a 30-second response to that question expertly crafted to define your company in a way that is relevant, meaningful and inspires the listener to act. The Elevator Pitch concept is based on the scenario that you’re on an elevator at the top of a building and someone asks what you do. You have until the elevator doors open on the ground floor to tell your story. A good Elevator Pitch can be the difference between Challenger Brands survival and success.

Most Elevator Pitches promote the organization’s features and share only what’s important to the company. To grow your business, Challenger Brands need to trumpet their company’s benefits to the customer. And, everyone in the organization must say the same thing whether they’re on an elevator in the Transamerica Building or Sears Tower.

Our Elevator Pitch process brings your brand to life with honesty, emotion and using language that only your company can say. The secret to writing a compelling and effective Challenger Brand Elevator Pitch comes down to four questions. String together the answers to the below questions and you will have an Elevator Pitch that speaks to your company’s core essence and drives the listener to action.

  1. Who are you? What you do does not define who you are. Use language that describes the individuals within your organization. Passionate, educated, experienced, creative, dedicated, reliable, trustworthy, diligent, energetic, intelligent…
  2. What do you do? Avoid being literal and listing the obvious; like “we make toasters.” Instead, use action language to focus on what your company does for your clients/customers. Deliver results, improve productivity, track success, measure improvement, follow-up, follow-through, deliver, ensure, guarantee…
  3. What makes you special? What can only you say, own and defend? What’s that one thing that separates you from your competitors? Don’t be obvious. Don’t be that restaurant that says, “We have great food and great service.” These are basic expectations and your competitors are already saying it.
  4. How can you make a difference? This is your close. This is your call to action. This prevents the listener from saying, “So what?” What’s in it for the client? “Work with us and you can expect – peace of mind, improved productivity, cash savings, job security, new customers…

Weave together the responses to these four questions to get your very own impactful Elevator Pitch from which other brand-positioning language can be borrowed – Mission Statements, website, collateral materials, among others. Now you’ve got an effective, comprehensive and meaningful response that brings value to your customers and aligns your organization. Now, go jump on an elevator.

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