Have You Discovered Your Real Brand of Distinction?

March 19th, 2012 Written by

Every Challenger Brand has a unique brand of distinction. It is the core essence of your organization. It is the collective sum of all the history, emotions, perceptions and stereotypes that exist about your company. For marketing purposes, it is simply that core value, promise or position that makes your company different in the eyes of the customer.

But, sadly enough, most Challenger Brands never take the time to discover what theirs truly is. While most stakeholders may have an understanding of why their company is unique, they fail to verbalize this story to their customers, prospects and even their own employees.

Some companies falter by using common or bland language and making vague promises that do not set them apart. They become lost in the crowd. For example, what do the following taglines say about these company brands?

  • Our quality is second to none.
  • Your success is our success.
  • Customer service is our pleasure.
  • Great value for your dollar.

Probably, nothing. In the end, these are simply promises every business should be making to its customers, regardless of its brand. These generic phrases certainly don’t describe a brand of distinction because there is nothing unique about them.

So, what’s a Challenger Brand to do? Start by taking a close, hard look at your existing brand essence and be brutally honest. What about your company is unique among your main competitors? Is it a position that you truly own? Is it one that you can easily defend against your competitors? These are some of the questions we always make sure to ask ourselves and our clients as part of our advertising and marketing services.

A powerful brand essence is the foundation upon which all successful marketing is built. Discover a unique brand of distinction, own it and watch your company grow.

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